Finding a JP

There are two ways to find a JP in NSW: 

Search our online Public Register of JPs

You can search the Public Register for a JP near you by entering a postcode.   The Register lists all JPs in that area, and provides a telephone contact number for JPs who serve the community directly.   

You can also search the Public Register by entering a JP’s name or registration number, to confirm that he or she holds a current appointment as a JP.


Check our listing of scheduled JP services

Various organisations make JPs available at scheduled times and locations across NSW.   

We maintain a listing of scheduled JP services by suburb.  Each listing includes the times, dates and locations that a JP is available.  


If neither the Public Register or listing of scheduled services can assist you, you may be able to find a JP at a government office such as a local council, post office, police station or court, or at some libraries, chemists or financial institutions.