Rulings about new JP procedures  

A system of rulings, issued by the Attorney General, is used to resolve emerging questions from JPs about their functions.

It is recommended that all JPs follow the suggested procedures and other guidance in the JP handbook when performing JP functions. However sometimes those procedures will require clarification, or new issues will arise that are driven by changing community needs.

In these situations, the Attorney General may decide to issue a ruling. The Attorney General issues rulings under section 8(2) of the Justices of the Peace Act 2002.

The Attorney General has not issued any rulings which remain current. All previous rulings have beeen incorporated in the new JP handbook.

Please do not rely on previous rulings as they may have been modified by the new handbook. Previous rulings were:

  • Ruling 001 – Certifying a copy of an electronic document (superseded)
  • Ruling 002 – Defining an original document (superseded)
  • Ruling 003 - Confirming identity for NSW statutory declarations and affidavits (superseded)

All JP rulings are published on the JP website until they are incorporated into the next edition of the JP handbook.

Anyone can suggest the need for a new ruling about a JP procedure or function, by contacting the JP Section.