Changing your name

IMPORTANT: We are developing a new online system for Justices of the Peace (JPs). In preparation for the launch of this system, applications to change your name are temporarily closed until April 2019. Please continue to use the name with which you were appointed to be a JP to provide JP services until after the launch of the new system.

A JP can only provide JP services using the name under which he or she is registered on the JP Register. If your name has changed, you must notify the Department of Attorney General and Justice.

To change your name on the JP Register, you will need to provide:

1. evidence that you have legally changed your name, such as:

  • a certified copy of your marriage certificate OR

  • a certified copy of your change of name document from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages


2. evidence that you currently use the new name, such as:

  • a certified copy of your driver licence OR

  • a certified copy of your Medicare card OR
  • a certified copy of your passport OR
  • a certified copy of your Seniors Card.

You need to print out and complete the change of name form  and attach the two items of evidence listed above.

As we require certified copies of your evidence, you need to return the completed form to us by post. After processing, the JP Section will write to you, to confirm acceptance of your name change on the JP Register.

Questions about JP procedures?       

Read or download the latest edition ofRead or download the latest edition of the JP Handbook.

Have you moved?

JPs are required to advise us of any change to their postal address, email or telephone number.

Want a Certificate?

JPs can purchase a Certificate of Appointment for their home or office.