The appointment process

The information below is relevant to applicants who have received an email from the Department of Justice directing them to take the Oath of Office.

For all new applicants, applications for JP appointment are closed and will reopen in April 2019.

Taking the Oaths of Office

After the Governor of NSW approves your appointment, you need to take the Oaths of Office as a Justice of the Peace, before you can begin providing JP services.

We will confirm your appointment by email and advise you to take the Oaths of Office.

Print and complete the form to take the oaths

  • The notice of your appointment will include a link to the form.
  • You can also download and print the form by logging into your JP web account, once your appointment has been approved.

Taking the oaths at a Local Court

You can take the Oaths of Office at any NSW Local Court.

  • Each Local Court has different arrangements for taking the Oaths of Office.
  • The list of NSW Local Courts includes the days and times available for taking the oaths and requirements for making an appointment.
  • If you need to make an appointment to take the oaths, you can use our email template.
  • For further information including contact details, please visit the NSW Local Courts website.

Confirmation of your appointment

Once you have taken the oaths before a Magistrate or Registrar of the Local Court, return the completed form to us.

We will process your oath form and write to you with details of your appointment, including

  • your JP registration number and
  • the date of the expiry of your term of appointment.

Commencing your service as a JP

Understanding your obligations

You can commence acting as a Justice of the Peace when the Justice Department has provided you with your JP registration number and details of the dates of your term of appointment.

Before commencing provision of JP services you should read and be familiar with:

You must comply with these documents or you may be ineligible to be a JP in the future. In particular you must notify the Department of particular matters such as criminal convictions and bankruptcy as required by the Code of Conduct.

You can order the JP handbook online.

Keep a record of your end date

It's important that you keep a record of the date of the end of your five year term of appointment. If you do not apply for reappointment before that date your appointment will lapse and you will have to begin the process from the beginning should you wish to continue to serve as a JP.

To help you remember the end date of your appointment, you can place an online order for a commemorative certificate that includes your term of appointment dates.

Use of stamps

You do not need to use a stamp when processing documents a part of your JP functions however, many JPs do purchase a stamp to save time writing certain information, such as their full name and JP registration number.

You must never use a stamp to place your signature on a document.

The Department does not provide stamps to JPs.