Changing your contact details

The fastest and easiest way to change your contact details on the Department’s records is to use our online form.

 If your JP registration number is 210000 or above, you are unable to use this form to update your details.  Instead, please use your online account to update your details, by going to​ 

The Code of Conduct for JPs requires you to advise the Department of Attorney General and Justice in writing of a change in your contact details.

The contact details which the Department needs are:

  • your postal address
  • your residential address
  • your email address, if you have one
  • your private mobile, business or home telephone number (mobile is best if you wish to receive SMS alerts from the Department)
  • the telephone number on which you can be contacted for JP services and the suburb where you provide JP services (if you are listed on the Public Register of JPs).

You can also advise us of changes to your contact details by sending a written request to us by post, fax or email.

Unfortunately we do not accept changes of contact details over the telephone.

No longer reside in NSW?

As a JP for NSW, you can only perform JP functions when you are physically present in NSW. If you no longer permanently reside in NSW, you should resign your commission in NSW. Resignations must be in writing and sent to us by post, fax or email.
change your contact details 

Questions about JP procedures?

Read or download the latest edition of the JP Handbook.

Want a Certificate?

JPs can purchase a Certificate of Appointment for their home or office.