Applying for reappointment 

Important: Please Read

We are  experiencing technical difficulties with our JP online application form for some JP reapplicants. If your reappointment expiry date is within 12 months or you have been advised to complete your reappointment, please try the online application form here, first.

Error 1

1. After completing the first page, you may get the error 'Sorry, you are not permitted to apply for reappointment as our records show that your appointment has expired. To apply for a new appointment, please visit'. In these cases print the paper reappointment form here. Then complete, attach and email the paper reappointment form to us at If you cannot email it then post it to Appointment Services, GPO Box 6 SYDNEY NSW 2001, as stated on the form as soon as possible.

Error 2

2. After completing the first page, if you get the error 'Sorry, we are unable to verify your current appointment as a JP, using the information you have provided', please click on the 'Forgot my details' button. An email will be sent to you with the current details we have recorded for you. Once receiving this email enter the details in again. If you continue to get the above message or don't receive the email, complete the paper application in step 1 above. (paper reappointment form).

JP reappointments - avoid delays. When reapplying you must disclose ALL convictions & section 10s, regardless of age, even if disclosed before. Read the guidelines on appointment of JPs.

How we remind you to apply

Before the expiry of your current five-year term, the Department will remind you to apply for reappointment.

We contact you by email first, if you have given us an email address. If you have not given us an email address, or you did not respond to our email reminders, we will write to the postal address you have given us.

These reminders may be sent at any time within twelve months of the expiry date of your term.

If we send you a reminder by post, we will enclose a paper application form for you to complete. You still have the option of applying online.

What you need to do           

  1. Make sure your email address, postal address and mobile telephone number are up to date on the Department’s records at all times. This will ensure you receive our reminder to apply.
  2. Complete the application form. It requires you to confirm your personal information and answer questions about your eligibility to continue as a JP. The form does not require you to be nominated for reappointment by a Member of Parliament or to provide further character references.
  3. Make sure the Department receives your completed application form before midnight on the expiry date of your current term, otherwise your appointment will automatically lapse.
  4. If your appointment automatically lapses, you will no longer be authorised to perform the functions of a JP. If you wish to serve again as a JP, you will have to apply for a new appointment through a NSW Member of Parliament.

If you do not wish to continue as a JP

You do not need to do anything. In this case, your appointment will automatically lapse on the expiry date of your current term. Thank you for your service to the community as a JP for NSW.

Questions about JP procedures?

Read or download the latest edition of the JP Handbook.

Have you moved?

JPs are required to advise us of any change to their postal address, email or telephone number.

Want a Certificate?

JPs can purchase a Certificate of Appointment for their home or office.