Delay on delivering of Handbook & certificate orders

​​There is a delay on the delivering of Handbook & certificate orders.
If you have already ordered and paid online for a new handbook or certificate, please be patient and it will arrive in your mailbox as soon as possible.

If you are thinking of putting in an order, we suggest you wait until there is an update on this page, advising to go ahead. You can still download a copy of the Handbook at JP Handbook.

Online payment​

The fastest and most convenient way to purchase a JP product is to use our online payment service, which accepts Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.

Important: please read this before you order online

1. Your purchase will be mailed to the postal address currently recorded for you on our JP Database. If that address has changed or you wish to check that it is correct, please email us at jp@justice.nsw.gov.au before you place your order.

2. Be sure you have double-checked:

  • Your JP Registration Number, and
  • Your calculation of the total amount of your purchase.
  • Please note the following prices for your calculation:
    • For each JP Certificate of Appointment, add $29.00.
    • For each JP Handbook, add $15.00.
    • These prices include postage, handling and GST.

If you enter an incorrect JP Registration Number or purchase amount, your payment will be processed but we regret we will be unable to fulfil your order.

We will instead automatically refund the amount charged, back to your credit or debit card. When you are ready to order, please proceed to ‘Make an online payment' and be transferred to Westpac’s PayWay service.

Cheque or money order

We also accept payments made by cheque or money order. To make a purchase complete the order form and mail it to us with a cheque or money order for the amount of your purchase.

Cheques and money orders should be made out to: The Department of Attorney General and Justice.

Post your order form and payment to the JP Section as detailed on the order form.


Products are delivered to your postal address (as recorded on our JP Database) within 21 days of receipt of your order.

Thank you for purchasing a JP product.