​What happens next?

Taking the oaths of office

After the Governor of NSW approves your appointment, you are required to take the oaths of office as a JP, before you can begin providing JP services.

We will write to you to confirm your appointment and advise you to take the oaths of office. There is a unique form for you to use to take the oath. The notice of your appointment will include either a link, or a copy of the form, and you can also print the form by logging into your JP web account, once your appointment has been approved.

You can take the oaths of office at any NSW Local Court. A list of NSW Local Courts and their contact details is available at the NSW Local Courts website.

Once you have taken the oath before a Magistrate or Registrar of the Local Court, you must return the form to us.

We will process your oath form within 48 hours and write to you to provide details of your appointment, including your JP registration number.

You can now commence acting as a JP, but all JPs should read and be familiar with the JP handbook [PDF, 4.6MB]  before providing any JP services.