Applying to become a JP

To apply to become a JP, sign up for a JP web account, complete the online application form and seek the nomination of a NSW MP.

NOTE: When applying to become a JP you must disclose all criminal offences (including Section 10 bonds where no conviction was recorded), no matter the age of the offence. 

Applicants seeking MP nomination must print their application form and take it, with all original supporting documents, to the MP's office: emailed application forms and copied supporting documents (not originals) sent to an MP's office cannot be   considered as originals of each are required by the nominating MP.

​Please click here for more detail about the application process.

How to sign up

To sign up for a JP web account and access the online application form, click the 'Apply now' button.

Already signed up?

You can access your JP web account, which includes your application for appointment on the 'Log into my JP account' button.