The application process

To apply to become a JP for NSW, you need to complete the following steps.

Step 1. Complete the online application

The online application asks you specific questions to assess your eligibility to be appointed as a JP. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Step 2. Print your nomination form and attach your supporting documents

When you have completed your online application, you then print your individual nomination form.

The nomination form will indicate which documents you need to provide certified copies of with your application.

It also has a statutory declaration that you must complete, in the presence of a JP.

Step 3. Ask a NSW Member of Parliament to nominate you

You need to ask a NSW Member of Parliament (MP) to nominate you for appointment as a JP. If an MP agrees, he or she will sign your printed nomination form, and mail it together with certified copies of your supporting documents to the Department of Justice. 

Applicants seeking nomination by a member of parliament must print their application form and provide the original application, with all original supporting documents, to the MP/MLC’s office. Emailed application forms and copied supporting documents (not originals) sent to an MP's office cannot be  considered for nomination.

Please contact your chosen MP/MLC for their preferred method for receipt of application forms and supporting documents as many MPs require your attendance in person. A list of members of NSW Parliament and their contact details can be found here

Generally you should ask for the nomination of the MP who represents the electoral district in which you live. You can look up your electoral district at the NSW Elections website.

Please do not mail or email your form to the Department yourself, however you may wish to ask your MP to provide you with a copy of the signed from for your records. Once your MP has nominated you they will send your application to the Department


How long does it take?

You should expect to wait a minimum of twelve weeks from the date the NSW MP forwards your application to the Department. This is because assessment of your application requires enquiries about your character, a National Criminal Records C​heck, and obtaining the approval of the Governor of NSW.