Information for JPs

Finding a JP 

Becoming a JP 


No new applications will be accepted for processing after 11 January 2019 until 1 April 2019.

No JP reappointment applications will be accepted for processing after 11 January 2019 until 1 April 2019.

The Department of Justice is developing a new online system for managing Justice of the Peace (JP) appointments and reappointments. The new system will allow all NSW JPs to manage their JP appointment completely online.

In preparation for the launch of this system in 2019, we will not be accepting applications for new JP appointment or reappointment between:

11 January 2019 (5pm) - 1 April 2019 (5pm).

If your appointment expires between 11 January 2019 and May 2019 and you wish to continue as a JP during this time, you must lodge an application form before 11 January 2019 in order for it to be processed either:


mail by returning a form to Appointment Services, GPO Box 6, Sydney NSW 2001

email to

If you are unsure of your expiry date, or do not have an email address, please contact the JP team in the Department of Justice on (02) 8688 7487 or by email at we will assist you in getting your reappointment application completed prior to the system shut down.

JPs whose terms expire after 1 April 2019 and do not apply for reappointment before 11 January 2019 will have to apply for reappointment online using the new system and complete an online competency test as part of the reappointment process.

Current application processing times 

While the Department of Justice endeavours to complete all applications within three months, this can vary depending on the complexity of the application, and in some circumstances it may take up to six months to finalise an application. Applicants should check their emails regularly (including bulk/junk mail folders) as the Department will send applicants an email should there be any issue with their applications.

MP nomination


Applicants seeking MP nomination must print their application form and take it, with all original supporting documents, to the MP's office: emailed application forms and copied supporting documents (not originals) sent to an MP's office cannot be considered for nomination as originals of each are required by the nominating MP.

Reapplying to continue as a JP

When reapplying to continue as a JP you must disclose all criminal offences (including Section 10 bonds where no conviction was recorded) every time you reapply. This is no matter the age of the offence or if disclosed in a previous application.