Information for JPs

Finding a JP 

Becoming a JP 

IMPORTANT: We are developing a new online system for managing Justice of the Peace (JP) appointments and reappointments. In preparation for the launch of this system, applications for JP appointment and reappointment are temporarily closed until April 2019.

Applying to become a JP 

To apply to become a JP, you will need to register for the new online system and submit an appointment application after the system launches in April 2019. Please note that you will need an email address to register and you will also be required to successfully complete the JP Knowledge Test before you can apply to become a JP.

Application processing time

The time it takes to process an application can vary depending on the complexity of the application. While we aim to finalise all applications within three months, in some circumstances it may take up to six months.

Applying for JP reappointment

  • If your appointment expires between now and April 2019 and you have submitted a reappointment form, we will process your application as normal.
  • If your appointment expires between now and April 2019 and you haven’t submitted a reappointment form, you will need to apply for appointment again when the new online system launches in April. This will include obtaining a nomination from a NSW Member of Parliament and completing the new JP Knowledge Test.
  • If your appointment expires in April 2019 or beyond you will need to complete your application for reappointment online using the new system. As part of the change, all current JPs will need to successfully complete the JP Knowledge Test each time they apply for reappointment.
  • Update your contact details. To ensure a smooth transition to the new system, you will need to supply an email address and ensure your contact details are up-to-date with us before Saturday, 23 February 2019. You can update your details by emailing or calling 02 8688 7487. If you are unsure of the contact information you have registered, please send an email with your current details.

More information

To find out more about the new online system including the JP Knowledge Test, please see:

Frequently Asked Questions for current JPs [PDF 183kb]

Frequently Asked Questions for new JP applicants [PDF 170kb]